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'Custom Bows made for the demanding bow shooter!'

I'd like to introduce myself to you. My name is Tom (TP) Parsons and I've been a traditional bowshooter/hunter since 1959. Throughout this time I've shot just about  every custom bow that was and is available.

I started reshaping and cutting weight out of mine and other bowshooter's bows about twenty years ago. Then in 1992 decided to build my own...well, one thing leads to another and I'm building bows that I think are among the finest available. As you know, there are alot, I mean alot of bows being built today. That can either make it easy or hard to find one that "really suites you!"

I believe you should shoot one of my bows, you'll agree that they are quick, quiet in the hand and shoot where you are looking!

A bow must be all the above and at the same time have looks that appeals to the inner must make you want to shoot and shoot!!! My bows will do that to you.....

KimSha Archery believes in the philosophy and ethics promoted by the Pope & Young Club and the Professional Bowhunters Society.

Give me a call or stop by and let's talk about bows ~ Maybe we'll shoot a few or sit around a campfire and share stories!

Thanks ....."TP"    

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